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Get informed to act in ADHD

QbCheck allows you as a professional to objectively measure, compare and act on ADHD.

QbCheck is simple to use and built on proven technology.

QbCheck helps you to:

QbCheck ADHD Total Symptom Level


Efficiently and cost-effectively add objective data to your ADHD assessments.


Compare performance to people of the same age and gender as the test taker both with and without ADHD.


Get reliable data that can strengthen your referral or diagnostic process.

Objective Online Measures of ADHD

QbCheck gives healthcare and school professionals objective data to add to their assessment of the three core symptoms of ADHD;

The data helps informed decision making when referring, diagnosing, treating and monitoring ADHD in test takers 6-60 years old.

Visual Reports that Put Performance Into Right Context

To get an objective view of the symptoms, it is important to evaluate an individual in the correct context. In QbCheck this is achieved by comparing the test taker's symptoms to the performance of groups of people of the same age and gender, with and without ADHD respectively.

Easy to Administer and Instant Result

A QbCheck takes 15 or 20 minutes to perform depending on the test takers age. The administrator and test taker are guided with images, text and videos on how to prepare for the test and given all test instructions needed.

After a finished test, the result is instantly analyzed and compared to the result of two groups of people, of the same age and gender as the test person, one with and one without ADHD. The result is displayed in a PDF report.